Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Detecting Namedpipe Pivoting using Sysmon

In this quick post we will be sharing with you a detection trick you can use to detect lateral movement via rogue named pipe (i.e. cobaltstrike smb-beacon). 

Detectioon theory and constraints we can think of are listed below:
  • For namedpipes pivoting, communication will happen over SMB ---> we need Sysmon NetworkConnect EventID 3 with SourcePort=445 or DestinationPort=445 
  • A new Pipe (rogue) will be created by any process (under operator's control, same apply to the name of the pipe) --> for the directly associated sysmon eventid 17 (PipeCreate), we can't really filter by pipe name or by process name (subject to high # of false positives)
  • Since the named pipe will be accessible remotely via SMB, then normally SYSTEM virtual process will be the one receiving the inbound connection from the operator machine and this event will be logged via sysmon eventid 3.
  • SYSTEM process will need to connect to the rogue named pipe created by process-X (unknown to us), and this can be detected via Sysmon eventid 18 (PipeConnect).
To test this theory we searched for a simple powershell script implementing this technique and we've found a good candidate by Joe Vest (@joevest), Invoke-PipeShell.

Setup is very simple:
   Operator from  [NLT10] --- Open an Interactive Shell ---> [IEWIN7]:"Remote Machine" 

On machine IEWIN7 execute the following command, that will create a listening local named pipe "46a676ab7f179e511e30dd2dc41bd388" (mimic ProjectSauron APT namedpipe name),  and a 16 bytes AES key to encrypt traffic:

We can confirm execution success via process explorer:

On Machine NLT10 we will simply initiate an authenticated (cmd /c runas /netonly /user:IEWIN\IEUser powershell.exe) session to IEWIN7 and using the following command to connect to the remote pipe :

Checking our Sysmon Logs, we can see that our theory is quite correct and can be indeed used to detect/hunt for similar behavior:

As you can see above, we have sysmon 18 (PipeConnection) followed by sysmon 3 (NetworkConnect) within seconds of difference, now let's explore those event's details:

As explained earlier, we don't really care about PipeCreation event for this specifc use case, Sysmon 18 shows us what we need: System process connecting to a named pipe to deliver commands and to return back cmd's execution results to Machine1  (Command from machine1 --- > System:445 on machine2 ---> namedPipe --read---> malicious process on Machine2 and vice versa).

Also as expected System virtual process is receiving an incoming SMB connection from a remote host (SourcePort=445 and DestinationHost eq to Operator machine).

Detection Logic:

(EventID=18 and Image eq "System") followed by (EventID=3 and Image eq "System" and SourcePort eq "445") within less than 1 minutes and both events from same Hostname.

Raw evtx file associated with this test can be found here for download.

N.B: use other pentesting tools tha support namedpipes pivoting and let us know about the results!

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